The Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot is now worth €3 Million

megamoolahOnline gamblers will be storming past the digital doors of their favourite online casinos this week, after the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot total soared past the €3 million mark. The video slot has already proven itself immensely popular in the many years it has been active. In the past, it has paid out countless millions to players across the globe.

Mega Moolah looks set to make one lucky player a multi-millionaire again in early 2015, with its progressive jackpot now having passed the €3 million marker, or if you prefer that sum in US Dollars – $3.6 million.

The progressive jackpot itself is won entirely at random. Microgaming – the online casino software developers behind the slot – have chosen to make many of their progressive jackpots triggered in the same manner. Mega Moolah is actually a four-tiered jackpot, which is won by spinning a jackpot wheel. All four of the progressives are represented on the wheel, with the smallest jackpot being worth around about €10. It is thought that the more you wager on the slot, the better your chances of landing the bigger progressives will be.

The Mega Jackpot in the slot often starts at €1 million, and as more players throw down wagers on the slot, its jackpot increases in value. Generally, it doesn’t take very long for the jackpot to build up to life changing sums of money. That being said, players often pocket winnings fairly rapidly, too.

Although there is no sure-fire way of knowing when the progressive jackpot will be won, it often pays out once every couple of months. It has been a similar period of time since the last millionaire was made on Mega Moolah. If history teaches us anything, then one would expect the slot to pay within the month.

The biggest ever winner on this African safari themed progressive jackpot slot was made in December 2012. On that occasion, the video slot coughed up the equivalent of $9.49 million to its winner.